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The question is - Where are they now?

On a Sunday afternoon 1968, in Dunfermline,  Fife, 
I met a number of Elvis Presley fans. 


Marie Scott - Main Street, Lumphinanns, 
 Ann Shields - Dunfermline, 
Margaret  Farrell - Townhill, Dunfermline,  
Roy Allan
- Church Street, Lochgelly,  
and an other(?).

The person I had with me on that Sunday afternoon 
was an, 
Ann Law
-  Kilsyth.  


"Ann Shields",  

"Margaret  Farrell",  

"Ann Law"

All will possibly be married.

From the mid 60's to the early '70's I had a number 
of pen-pals around the world.

They were;-

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Roman Klimes, Prague, 
Antonio Carlos Cabral, 
Jardin Monte Kemel, 
Ferreira, San Paulo, Brazil.
Maria Szigety, 
Neville St, Burnaby, 
Vancouver, Canada.
Vernetta Carolynn Smith, 
Eden Avenue, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, USA
evelyn1.jpg (67042 bytes) aili1.jpg (21170 bytes) lenie1.jpg (4843 bytes) jenny1.jpg (39221 bytes) aradiana1.jpg (14638 bytes)
Evelyn Russell 
Conce de Leon, 
Manila, Philippines.
Aili Brett, 
Lenie Bruggeman
Jenny de Cocq, 

Aradiana Berutia, 

Janet Morgan, Rutland Rd, Christchurch in England.
(No Photograph)

I started life in FIFE and lived in Montrose Cottages / Montrose Crescent, Lochore. Then in 1960 I, unfortunately, was brought to live in EK in the West of Scotland. It is my wish to, someday, return to live in my favourite area of Scotland, FIFE, known as 
. This is an area that, in my opinion, has a lot to offer.  With so many beautiful places to visit and there is also a lot of history. Apart from this the people are the best.

I enjoy trying to do my family history, but this is proving difficult on both sides of the family. There were members of my great-grandparents family who emigrated to, and arrived in the USA in 1883. There destination has been Allegheny and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The names of those who emigrated are John, David, Robert and Alexander Lambert.  Only Alexander returned to the UK, the rest of the information about him and the family are on the Lambert pages. 

Can anyone come up with information for the American site of the Lambert family.

On the Dalgleish side of the family it is also proving a problem from my g.g.g-grandparents. 
All information on the Dalgleish pages.

These are my other websites.


I have been a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists since taking the test on the 30-November-1985.  

There are many groups throughout the United Kingdom. To find out more about the IAM 
and the groups follow the link for the IAM site and look for Local Groups link.


PROFESSION:   Industrial Photographer



INTERESTS:  Swimming,  Walking,   Member of  The Institute of Advanced Motorists,

Music;- most from Jazz to Classical,  Photography,  Travel,  Genealogy.

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