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HISTORIC  Dunfermline

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Dunfermline was, at one time, the Ancient Capital of 

Pittencrieff Park

The lovely glen, beautiful gardens, well laid-out lawns and stately trees delight all who walk through its spacious grounds. 
Within its boundaries are a museum, a music pavilion, a restaurant and not forgetting the wild life among other things.


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Lousie Carnegie Gates 

The gates were erected by the Carnegie Trust as a tribute to Andrew Carnegie's Widow and opened in 1929.

(Main Entrance)


Glen Gardens

Open throughout the year, a quiet and very pleasant place to sit on a warm summers day or evening.


Only open at specific times throughout the year.

Dunfermline Abbey 

In the background.

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Dunfermline Glen (Pittencrieff Park)


King Malcolm Canmore's Tower.

 Information found in the Glen near the entrance opposite the Abbey.

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Dunfermline Abbey.

The son of Queen Margaret and King Malcolm 111 (Malcolm Canmore), David 1, made it more important by turning it from a Priory into an Abbey in 1128.  
St. Margaret Chapel and Shrine were built when Queen Margaret was made a Saint in 1250. The Chapel was built at the East end of the Abbey.  They are now only ruins as they were demolished at the Reformation in the 1560's. 
Another place to visit connected with Margaret is the St. Margaret's Cave.

The Abby Church with its Norman pillars and its links with the national history of Scotland is well worth a close examination.



The Abbot House

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The Royal Palace Ruins

The Royal Palace of Dunfermline grew out of the Abbey guest house after it had been closed at the Reformation. James V1 of Scotland needed a home for his wife, Anne of Denmark and very largely rebuilt it for her in the 1590's. There son Charles 1 was born here in 1600. James V1 was king at the time of the union of the crowns with England's in 1603. James moved this court to London. 

The Palace, which was also the home of Robert the Bruce, and many of the Stuart Kings.



marketcross.jpg (76786 bytes) townhall.jpg (72003 bytes)
Mercat Cross situated on High Street.

The Mercat Cross was the centre of the burgh. It was a meeting place for the townspeople and travellers where the news and gossip of the day was listened to and talked about.
High Street looking toward the Town hall



                 carnaigiebirthplace.jpg (132362 bytes)               




Andrew Carnegie's Museum  and Birth Place and Carnegie Hall.

One of the sons of Dunfermline, was the Industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, who emigrated to the USA. 
Andrew was born on 27 November 1835 and died in 1919. In May 1848 the Carnegies moved to the USA, settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh at the age of 14 he became a telegraph messenger boy and through this own efforts progressed to railway superintendent. Eventually becoming the steel Tycoon that so many know about. In 1901 he sold all of this iron and steel interests and for the rest of this life he gave an enormous fortune to charity.





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